Here is list of my registered patents:
  1. Javad Zandi. “High accuracy liquid level detection system for medical instrument” Date: Dec, 2014. Patent Number:139450140003005087, Certificate, IP registration documents (EN FA).  [Pictures: 1, 2]
  2. Javad Zandi. “Solid-State CD-ROM” Date: Feb 2015. Patent Number:139450140003008758, Certificate, IP registration documents (EN FA).  [Picture: 1]
  3. Javad Zandi. “High accuracy power measurement for wireless devices” Date: Mar 2016. Patent Number:139450140003009944, In the middle of registration.
  4. Javad Zandi. “Safe and secure database storage architecture for medical Network” Date: Sep 2016. Patent Number:139450140003005088, Certificate, IP registration documents (EN FA).  [Picture: 1]